Bird Feeder / Wall Hanging / Hanging Sculpture / Turquoise + 22k Gold / Candle Holder


Part of what I love to make are these one of a kind pieces that, while originally designed as feeders, have for most of my clients become indoor objects of beauty.
I have seen them displayed on shelves, hung over a bedside table with electric tea lights or the warm glow of fairy lights inside of them, or used in ceremony with incense cones.

I keep mine in my yard and house, and the birds love them as much as I do.

This piece is a lush turquoise, hand painted with actual 22k gold. The beads are also handmade.
It measures 7.5” tall x 7.5” wide.

*I choose not to burn actual tea lights in these, and when burning incense cones, I put a bit of sand beneath the cone.
Please find me on Instagram at @VEQceramics to see my current work.

A bit more:
I am richly influenced by my Mexican roots and all things symbolic and beautifully mysterious. From ancient codexes, to the carvings on Mayan and Aztec ruins, to the Nazca geoglyphs, Native American petroglyphs and Egyptian hieroglyphics, I love these captivating ways in which language or ideas are represented.
My summers growing up in a tiny Mexican village were ripe with the mystical & inexplicable, the ancient ways and stories, and the beloved earthiness of the landscape.
You could say that these experiences, along with my love of symbology, sort of run like a constant current through me and into everything I create.

I hope you love your piece and that you allow it to represent that magical side of yourself.

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