Welcome to VEQ Ceramics

Hello, I'm Vanessa, the maker behind VEQ Ceramics.  The first day I sat in ceramics class and realized I had four whole hours to dedicate solely to playing with clay, I was overcome by a feeling of such pure happiness that it actually stunned me!  I realized that this was how I used to feel when I was little and my whole world was about PLAY.  This love affair with ceramics has continued to grow and deepen.  There are so very many ways to express yourself artistically through ceramics that I've come to believe I'll spend my life in the happy exploration of all that it offers, be it sculpting, painting, carving, inlaying, throwing on the wheel, hand-building, glazing, alternative firing...the possibilities are endless.  I'm ultimately inspired by the freedom it allows me to fall in love with so many different styles of expression, and that I don't have to choose between the functional and the artistic.  I hope you can feel the joy and the love in the pieces you choose to take home with you.  Thank you for stopping by!

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